Diversified Trust

At Diversified Trust, we focus on your big picture.

We help you meet and manage your financial complexities to keep long-term commitments on track. Our commitment is to explore, recommend, and serve as advocates of these strategies.
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Financial Foresight

Diversified Trust is your first call and partner in ANY financial endeavor.

Our questions are simple: What is important to you? What causes you to worry? What are your goals and how can we help achieve them? Your answers become the foundation of our shared effort to define what is most important for you, your family, and your legacy.
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Diversified Trust draws upon a seasoned team of professionals to design and implement portfolios which sustain the mission of institutions. We offer acumen and experience honed over decades. This allows us to see and — more importantly — advance the big picture.
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Meet the Team

Wallace R. Johnson, III

Managing Principal

Aisa Turman


Emma Neyland

Vice President

Eric A. Main

Managing Principal

B. Cheri Wells

Senior Associate

Alejandro Sotolongo

Senior Vice President

Jeffrey S. Howard

Principal and Director of Knowledge Management

Kim D. Garcia

Chief Operating Officer and Director of Client Experience

Glynis P. Kamrath

Senior Associate

Alison Henneberger

Senior Vice President

William T. Spitz

Founder and Director Emeritus

Betsy M. Wills

Principal and Director of Marketing

Lindsey M. Gill

Senior Vice President

James C. Davis

Senior Vice President

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Founding Principles

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