The Essential Questions

What is important to you? What causes you to worry? What are your goals and how can we help you achieve them?

Your answers become the foundation of our shared effort to define what is most important for you, your family, and your legacy. Because your priorities and interests are unique, your plan is customized to meet your specific goals. We bring a dedicated team of multi-disciplined professionals to consider and clarify any complexities.

Wealth Strategies

After identifying your goals, we create a plan to meet them.  We employ various wealth strategies to enhance your targeted outcomes.

As a Diversified Trust client, you benefit from an integrated and comprehensive array of wealth strategies and services to help you reach your financial goals. Application of these strategies is customized for your specific circumstances. Our commitment is to explore, recommend, and serve as vigilant advocates of these strategies.

Identifying and Meeting Your Goals

At its core, we work to identify goals and then develop a tailored action plan to meet them. We consider all aspects of your financial life and aim reduce complexity where possible. Current and future tax cost are examined and factored into your strategy.  Your goals may change because of life events (death, business sale, etc.) or because of the passage of time. These realities necessitate that your plan is designed to be flexible.  Once the framework of your plan is completed, the investment plan is designed and implemented.

The Critical Questions of Wealth Planning

Working with and knowing our client is the only way to truly identify their goals. Isolating strategies around prioritized goals only really adds value when you get the goals right.


Who should benefit from your wealth? You? Your family? Charities? Other individuals? The Government (through the form of taxes)


What assets do you want them to receive? Real estate, family business, retirement plan, marketable securities, etc...


When do you want them to receive it? During your life, at death, at a certain age, or at some point in the future?


How should they receive it? Outright or in trust?

The Pieces Have to Work Together

Acting as a fiduciary requires a coordination of goals and services. Click on the below to explore more.

“Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts.”

-Attributed to Albert Einstein

Advisory and Family Office

Discover how our team goes beyond traditional trust services and investment management.

Diversified Trust provides comprehensive wealth management services to families and individuals who desire more than traditional trust services and investment management. Comprehensive wealth management contemplates a broad range of variables in order to address an individual’s personal and financial goals and objectives. An integrated and dynamic wealth strategy is essential in building, protecting, and transferring wealth to future generations and/or charities.

Through Diversified Trust’s financial advisory services, our professionals will coordinate with your other professional advisors to develop, implement and monitor a wealth plan that is customized to meet your unique goals. Our extensive offering of family office services is available to meet the unique needs of each family that seeks additional administrative support and non-financial consulting.

Our customized solutions can help address issues such as:

  • Maximizing transfer of wealth
  • Retirement cash flow needs
  • Fulfillment of philanthropic goals
  • Education funding
  • Asset protection
  • Bill payment and expense management
  • Recordkeeping and document management
  • Family dynamics consulting

NextGen Education

The twenties and thirties are an ideal time for getting established for future financial success.

However, the various and competing financial goals and responsibilities such as student loans, home purchases, raising children, and saving for retirement can be daunting and overwhelming.

Our approach to wealth management is about more than growing financial capital. It’s just as much about helping our clients develop the human capital within their families, especially as children age and assume more responsibility.

Based on a 2014 study conducted by PWC, only 24% of Millennials demonstrate basic financial knowledge.
Among the overall population, Millennials are the age group with the lowest level of financial literacy, and only 27% are seeking professional financial advice on saving and investment.

Diversified Trust’s team is here to provide wealth training so the next generation gains the financial skills it needs to support its ambitions.

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Diversified Trust has compiled a series to help guide young people toward a brighter financial future. Explore below.