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A Reading List for Families

August 29, 2019 | Posted in: Insights, Wealth Strategies

Diversified Trust has created a list of our favorite books for families as they engage in discussions surrounding stewardship of their financial assets. Healthy dialogue and communication are essential to managing and sustaining wealth. A few of our favorites include:

Raising Financially Fit Kids is an exceptional resource to help parents teach their children financial literacy and money skills, such as saving, spending, investing, budgeting and donating. Joline Godfrey has been a pioneer in the field of financial education since 1990 with deep experience preparing children and families for financial independence and stewardship.

Trustworthy is an excellent resource for trustees, beneficiaries, and all who have a role in a trust relationship. The case studies portray positive success stories which remind us of the importance of selecting the appropriate trustees and advisors and the path to more productive trust relationships.

These and the others on the attached list provide excellent insight to generations as they build and maintain financial well-being.

Click HERE for the Diversified Trust Reading List