Succession Planning for Family-Owned Businesses

April 15th, 2017  | by Ashley Moore Remmers

If you own a business and hope that ownership by your family continues beyond your tenure, there are many questions to consider as you begin to transfer it to another generation. Management Succession First, take an audit of contributing family members to confirm their interest in continuing to work for the business. Consider as well any family members who…

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11 Tips for Building and Preserving Generational Wealth

April 7th, 2017  | by Michael Fisher

The concept of next generation education can be an elusive one. We often relate this to the process of preparing younger generations for the responsibilities that accompany wealth.  While this may seem like a common endeavor, many families often fail to formally address this.  As a result, the common factor often becomes a pattern of…

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Trust as IRA Beneficiaries – Are They Compatible?

December 21st, 2016  | by Kim Garcia

For working Americans, their IRA may be one of their largest assets. It is also one of the most complicated and tax sensitive assets to own for estate planning and wealth transfer purposes.  However, with careful planning and consideration of appropriate beneficiary designations, IRAs can be effectively protected for the next generation. The use of…

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What to Consider When Selecting an Executor or a Trustee

August 24th, 2016  | by Samuel Graham

All too often, well-designed estate plans fail to meet their objectives due to poor execution of those plans by the people or institutions charged with this responsibility. So what issues should be considered? What Are The Options? While the specific activities of an executor of an estate certainly differ from that of a trustee of…

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Social Security – Timing is Everything

June 30th, 2016  | by Kim Garcia

While Social Security is not the primary source of retirement income for most Americans, it can serve as an inflation-protected annuity during retirement years. As such, it is important to understand the rules surrounding eligibility and the timing of initiation of benefits.  Prior to the passage of the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015, married couples…

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