6 Critical Concepts of Financial Literacy

December 6th, 2017  | by William Spitz

We pride ourselves on providing our clients with education on important investment and financial planning concepts and, despite the risk of overkill, we find that repetition is important because they are not always easy to grasp.  Specifically, an understanding of these ideas will help you understand our approach to investing, assist you in evaluating the performance…

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2017 Holiday Reads From The Desk of Mark Bell

November 22nd, 2017  | by Mark Bell

As we head into the holiday season (BLACK FRIDAY IS UPON US!), we put forth some ideas for gift giving from an extraordinary year of publishing.  These six books top our list.  (Click on the picture or the name of the book to be taken directly to Amazon.com but we also encourage you to support your local book purveyors!)…

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Diversified Digest: October 31st

October 31st, 2017  | by R. Samuel Fraundorf

Each week the investment team at Diversified Trust compiles a list of interesting articles which are of interest from an investment perspective.  Click on the links to access the full articles and sources. Wall Street is very interested in a technology that it believes will rewrite the game.  No, it is not Bitcoin but rather…

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Social Security – Timing is Everything

October 31st, 2017  | by Kim Garcia

While Social Security is not the primary source of retirement income for most Americans, it can serve as an inflation-protected annuity during retirement years. As such, it is important to understand the rules surrounding eligibility and the timing of initiation of benefits.  Prior to the passage of the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015, married couples…

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Diversified Digest: September 29

September 29th, 2017  | by R. Samuel Fraundorf

Diversified Trust’s investment team brings you headlines of note for the week.  Click on the links to access the articles we found of interest. The Trump administration released a more detailed summary of its tax reform plan, which will begin to dominate the discussion and debate inside the Beltway well into 2018.   At only nine…

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