Mean Reversion or Paradigm Shift?

February 13th, 2017  | by William Spitz

Paradigm Shift-A time when the usual and accepted way of doing or thinking about something changes completely. Cambridge Dictionary “Investing is Simple, But Not Easy” Warren Buffett I agree that investing is not easy, and on most days, I don’t find it that simple either. What is so difficult about investing?  From my vantage point, the…

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Trust as IRA Beneficiaries – Are They Compatible?

December 21st, 2016  | by Kim Garcia

For working Americans, their IRA may be one of their largest assets. It is also one of the most complicated and tax sensitive assets to own for estate planning and wealth transfer purposes.  However, with careful planning and consideration of appropriate beneficiary designations, IRAs can be effectively protected for the next generation. The use of…

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It’s REALLY Complicated

November 16th, 2016  | by William Spitz

Several months ago, we published a paper called “It’s Complicated” that concluded with the following paragraph: Understanding and accepting the complex nature of politics and economics should help us both emotionally and financially. First, a key lesson is that one should not overreact to headlines because the ultimate implications of a given event are never…

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Top 10 Components of an Institutional Investment Policy Statement

November 15th, 2016  | by Andrew Berg

The establishment of a formal Investment Policy Statement (“IPS”) is the most critical step for building a successful investment program.  IPS guidelines capture the definition, purpose, and objectives for a single account or a consolidated pool of assets, and provide the investment roadmap for how those assets should be invested in order to achieve the…

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2016 Election Commentary

November 9th, 2016  | by R. Samuel Fraundorf

Don’t Lose Focus It is early Wednesday morning after an election night that almost no one predicted. Given the fact that the unexpected happened, we are seeing a large number of initial commentaries on what it means and why it happened.  But we are forcing ourselves to spend little time on that right now and…

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